Saturday, December 27, 2008

A failed (but humorous) attempt

So last night our drummer hosted a small gathering and we thought it proper to attempt to sell a few of our albums to our friends in advance, considering the record won't be in stores 'till February. What seemed like a pretty simple undertaking in exchanging cash for CD's turned out to be anything but. Our t-shirts had arrived a few hours prior, so I took advantage of our little event to show them off to the guests. I even put up one of our posters so people would know we were selling. As the "party" progressed many people began to take advantage of the fact that our host works for a major Beer Company (let's not mention them here) and proceeded to consume many bottles of said beer. They drank many, many bottles; one after the other. A couple of people got a little too comfortable. One female guest insisted on changing the playlist we were listening to on my iPod to play Nirvana's "Rape Me". Yeah, I thought the same thing too. After a couple of hours of conforming to the music blasting through the speakers, one Mexican guest shouted "No more!" and took the previously mentioned iPod hostage and played only Ramones songs for a good half hour. No one else seemed to mind. In fact, most people seemed oblivious to the fact that our rebel DJ and another person began to shout/sing those Ramones songs in a drunken stupor. And in case you're wondering- I was that other person.

As the alcohol level passed the legal amount in more than a few bloodstreams, we lost all notion of what we had originally set out to do. Don't get me wrong, we sold a few CDs (about 3 actually), but this was nothing like I thought it would be. It's hard to hang on to your expectations when most things never go according to plan. It's also hard to take responsibility for your actions after 3am on a Friday night...

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