Monday, December 29, 2008

It was cold and it rained so I felt like an actor

So it all began close to 11pm, listening to a copy of David Bowie's "Ziggy Stardust" in the car stereo. The first couple of bars we visited were just about to close so we were left with no other choice than to commute to the metro area if we wanted to hang out. Didn't seem like much of a sacrifice to me. However, it is curious to note how fast some decisions are made after two beers.

We were three but one of us had to go home. We put some gas into the car and after a moment's hesitation glancing over at the strip club that's right next to the gas station, we headed east to some late night dives. First stop: some second floor club where there was a hardcore/emo band playing. My accomplice and I began to put up a bunch of Ophelia stickers in the men's room and other spots. Had I been caught by the club's security, denial would've been useless considering the t-shirt I was wearing closely resembled the sticker. So after a whiskey on the rocks, we left. I was on a mission to put up as many stickers in as many visible areas as possible. In another bar we ran into the singer/bassist of a great reggae band called Cultura Profetica. Afterward, we stepped into another after hours joint where apparently there was some early 90's hip hop nostalgia trip going on: they were playing stuff from Kriss Kross to Naughty by Nature. If that wasn't enough, the DJ played a medley from the movie "Grease". Jesus Christ... My friend began to sing every word to every fucking song. I gave him a look at which point he declared, "I'm so fucking gay!".

We ended up in a diner around 5am. Surprisingly, I found an old Ophelia sticker from 2006 in the parking lot. Because it seemed so fitting, I placed a new sticker right next to the old one. Aren't I a sucker? After eating, my friend and I drove to an undisclosed location and then headed back to our home town. I wasn't feeling particularly sleepy despite the fact that daybreak was upon us. Maybe that had something to do with the 4 cups of coffee I drank but who knows, really? We went to the beach to have a smoke and watch the sun come up. In retrospect, I realize now that we were seeing one of the last sunrises of 2008. Next year, many things are going to change- let us hope it's all for the better.

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