Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Requiem for the old year

Two-thousand-eight brought with it a lot of change, both on a personal and cultural level. For the first time in my life, I felt inspired to contribute to make a change in the political landscape. Politics have always interested me, but I’ve never felt the need to actively participate in any way; in fact, I’ve purposely shied away from them on many occasions. I’m very satisfied with the work I did, though I wish I had done more. I didn’t do more because I
needed to put my band first. Still, I will always be proud of having contributed in some way.

This year also saw that fateful day June 2nd: the day after my birthday in which I cut off my long dreadlocks. I had not gotten a haircut since early 2002. I loved having long hair but my dreadlocks were down to my ass (literally). Rather than cut them shorter (which seemed absurd to me), I opted to cut them completely off. I thought about it for months. There was the obvious concern about being the frontman in a rock band and having to sell a certain image or my worries of being accused of selling out. In the end, none of that shit mattered and I did it. I remember at the first show I played sans-dreads, some guy looked at me like I’d just broken his heart. Thirty minutes later we got onstage and did what we do best. Afterward, our heart-broken friend seemed very pleased with our performance. In the end it was just hair. Who gives a shit?

As far as my band’s concerned, I managed to organize everything to secure our record’s upcoming release. It was hard, but I got through the tough times and the endless frustration. I just hope the next time isn’t as hard but if it is, I’ll be ready.
Happy New Year to everyone. Thank you for reading.

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