Wednesday, December 10, 2008

She sat quietly by the window

She sat quietly by the window, breathing easily, occasionally sighing as tired people do. She put her hands over her forearms, trying to warm herself. She had forgotten how the mornings usually bring with themselves a bit of cold. She thought to herself how it had been many years since she'd seen a sunrise. So many years that she had deprived herself of seeing such an overwhelming sight. Perhaps it had something to do with the fact that she could never sleep in the day. No matter how hard she tried, trying to sleep with the burning sun was an impossible task; hence she never went to bed too late. When the sun would come out she'd stay in bed with her eyes closed, pretending to be asleep. But today was different. Today she was fully awake and already amazed at the small sunrays that were gathering on the horizon, as if announcing the soon to be seen sun. She laughed to herself as she thought of this. It felt good to smile. Too much time without a smile can dampen your soul. She turned around for an instant and looked into the mirror. She forced a smile, but the reflection did not smile back. Right then she decided to play a record. Since she was a little girl she had always possessed a record player that had belonged once to her grandfather. She never knew him, but having this record player made her feel like she did. 'What record should I play?' she thought. 'A jazz record, of course.' Nothing could provide a better soundtrack for the rising sun, than the delicate sweet sounds of brass instruments. She closed her eyes as the needle touched down on the record. Those few seconds before the music started seemed like an eternity, but she savored them with much anticipation. 'Ah' she thought as the music began to fill the room, 'now it's perfect.' She sat down again by the window, taking a deep breath as she lay back in her chair. It would be a few moments before the sun would begin to rise from behind the clouds. It didn't matter, she was already at ease. She took in the smell of the morning air, the warmth of the light. She took it all in; everything. Right here, right now. This is exactly where she had to be. Just then, the sun peeked from behind the clouds. She could almost feel the world coming alive once again. She felt so overwhelmed that her eyes began to tear up. There was no replacement for such beauty, no replacement whatsoever for the warmth that it instilled in her soul. She looked to the ground and began to laugh; this time with her whole body. She turned around and glanced into the mirror on her way to bed, only this time the reflection smiled back.

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