Monday, April 13, 2009

Workplace Blues

I used to work at a place where the men's bathroom was cleaner than the women's. Where middle aged men would smile at the sight of a child, but when asked if they had any children of their own, they'd reply "Fuck no". A place where secretaries would bitch on a near-daily basis about traffic conditions. Where news was read out loud around the lunch table and people were ridiculed to their faces in languages they couldn't understand. It was a place where the people who gave off the best first impressions were really assholes. A place where there never was enough milk for the fucking tea and the hand soap was constantly being stolen from the bathrooms. I used to work at a place where beer was consumed religiously every Friday evening. A place where tensions ran high in spite of relaxed faces. It was a place where orders were received from thousands of miles away and meant to be carried out strictly, with no concern to sensibility. A place where pills were consumed to kill chronic back pain but ended up enhancing the work day in "unexpected" ways. It was a place where ideas were exchanged despite our deadlines and there was always a sense that we were part part of something bigger. I used to work at a place where 14 hour shifts seemed like much less because it was fun - a place where I NEVER seemed to get bored. I used to work at this place, and now I don't work there anymore.

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