Sunday, August 16, 2009

Writers on the storm

Recently I began to do free-lance writing for a site called I am a type of music correspondent/ journalist. My focus is on New York music. I am very thrilled by the opportunity to be doing this because I've always wanted to be employed to do some writing, and doing so on music is a blessing. Chuck Klosterman, David Fricke, Lester Bangs, Jann Wenner and the late great Hunter S. Thompson have served as an inspiration to me as journalists, music related or otherwise. I will be turning in 2 to 3 pieces a week and the more people access these articles, the better I will be regarded among other Examiners (as we're called).

If you think you have what it takes to write for Examiner, by all means click here to get the information. You'll have to go through a short process in order to be accepted but it is well worth it. I'd appreciate if you'd watch this short video so you let the good people at Examiner know that you were referred to the site by me. My full name is Noel Davila and my official title at Examiner is Queens Local Music Examiner.

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